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Beachbox online gives its readers an insider’s guide, tips and entertaining, informative video guides on the Caribbean's most exotic destinations. 

From inspiring photos, unique advice on where to go, eat and stay, beachbox aims to change the way people travel.

Our Audience: Travelers interested in the Caribbean, where to stay, what to do etc.

Advertising opportunities:

  • Social media marketing- reaching between 250,000 - 800,000+people a week on our Facebook page alone, we can create bespoke social media campaigns for you to promote your business, product or service.
  • Sponsored posts on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, photos/ written articles/reviews
  • Video campaigns created and distributed online to a captive, large, international audience 
  • Affiliate Marketing



Our audience: Residents, people moving to or new to the island and visitors with a vested interest in Cayman and setting up a life here.

Cayman Living Guide is a half-hour long lifestyle tv show airing on Logic TV in the Cayman Islands on channel VMG (36). It guides newcomers to the island on the best way to settle into their new life while hearing other people's personal journeys on moving to paradise.

 CLG has an active and engaging audience online, on email and social media. 


A native to the island, Caribbean travel expert, film-maker, journalist and tv host, Monica Walton takes viewers on a journey to the very fabric of Cayman. With a focus on culture, food & entertainment, ‘This is Cayman’ isn’t just a tv show, it’s the very soul of the Cayman Islands. 


This is Cayman is a one hour show that profiles tourism-based businesses to 385,000 visitors p/a with 50% earning 150k-300k+      (stats from DoT). In all of the hotels and condos on Seven Mile Beach and 11,000 homes on the islands, the show is aired on Logic TV channel 36 and aired 20+x a day. This gives our advertisers maximum exposure and the highest frequency advertising on island.