Our business mindset is that of a vagabond - ever-changing and not settling in one place. We adopt and embrace change in the media industry and business in general. We love travel, adventure and creativity. We consider ourselves artists, storytellers and thinkers. 

At the core of our business is self-expression, creativity and a love of art. Call us different, misfits or eccentrics - or just call us vagabonds.

monica walton


Monica Walton is an award-winning tv producer, filmmaker, tv presenter and travel-obsessed journalist with almost a decade of experience working in the media industry. A multi-media journo grad, she worked as a video producer and for a top 10 PR agency in London with brands such as Samsung, Honda & BIC, before leaving city life to return to her Caribbean roots to pursue a career in TV.

After running the tourism channel for a few years she was given the opportunity to manage her own independent tv channel and media company thus co-founding VMG.

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