VMG has a high-income, travel-enthusiastic global audience that can be accessed through our creative video, broadcast and online media solutions and advertising opportunities.

Having filmed in many countries across the Caribbean region for a variety of projects, with extensive travel videography experience, VMG tells your story professionally and effectively.

We create and distribute creative, original, new media content.




We are the only broadcaster in the Cayman Islands that allows advertisers to target consumers on a global scale as well as target consumers in the Cayman Islands and Caribbean region. With international distributors and partners, we air some of our programmes to millions of homes worldwide. 

For information please contact monica@vagabondmediagroup.com


 "For years I advertised on radio, TV and print, and got no response, but the video that was created for "This is Cayman" attracted new guests just two days after airing on the channel. The viewers love the way the restaurant was portrayed, with fresh fish and a beautiful atmosphere. I'm very happy with the feedback and immediate response. [VMG] got us exactly what we wanted....new customers."

- Cristiano Vincentini

Owner, Catch Restaurant & Lounge, Grand Cayman


"VMG has surpassed our expectations immensely. This video is amazing! So much more than we could have ever imagined and we're even more excited to get it on the air. In my opinion, this has been the best video to showcase the turtle farm ever."

India Narcisse-Elliot

Marketing Manager, Cayman Turtle Centre